About us

Meaning of BioMax Logo
The design idea of the new Logo is from the Möbius Strip. The spirit of innovation and development of the company is combined with this idea to make the new Logo.

In “Tao Te Ching” written by Laozi (the founder of Taoism), it’s said that “Tao, the Unity, produces Two (Yin and Yang). Two produces Three. Three produces All Things.” The meaning of it is Eternity and Infinity, which is included in the spirit of the Logo. The three bands form the sphere with the color of orange and grey, representing the win-win cooperation of the share holders, the employees and partners. It reflects the company’s development and bright future. BioMax represents that we will do the best to fulfill the social responsibilities of environmental duty.

The Spirit of the Logo
Professionalism: excellence, professional services and perfect solutions
Persistence: constantly striving to improve and being dauntless
Harmony: human and nature, enterprise and environment, soul and body
Common Progress: win-win cooperation of employees, the board and partners