About us

At BioMax we strive to improve the lives of people throughout the globe through innovative products and solutions.

· Vision

· Excellent corporate culture, outstanding products and services result into brilliant life.

· Mission

· Keep on progress with state-of-art innovation and sincere services in harmonious atmosphere.

· Business Principles

· Closest partnership with our customers, anticipate and exceed their expectations.

· Development and education of our people to secure customer long term satisfaction in all regards.

· R&D, Product Development and Manufacturing focused on quality, technical advancement and cost effectiveness.

· Supplier Relations of excellence.

· Excellence corporate culture with priority on our people welfare and our customers interests, in high regard to our community contribution, protection of our resources and environment.

· Values

· Integrity: Hold others in high regard.                                        

· Team Spirit: Focus on common goals.                 

· Quality: Strive for excellence in all we do.                                 

· Flexibility: Adapt to changing environment.

· Empowerment: Delegate responsibility and decision making.                                    

· Innovation: Encourage creative thinking.                               

· Responsiveness: React with sense of urgency.                         

· Loyalty: The Vision and Mission Statement is our commitment.